Monday, June 15, 2009

ALT.NET Canada 2009

Last weekend after DevTeach in Vancouver we had the ALT.NET Canada open spaces event.  It was a good idea to have it right after DevTeach because that meant several speakers stuck around for an extra two days of good conversation.

This was my second ALT.NET open spaces event and both have had a heavy dose of Domain-Driven Design sessions.  There was one very interesting session title “Non-Relational Databases” which was an awesome discussion about the practical uses of products like CouchDB, BigTable and db4o.

The last session of the event was convened by Greg Young in which he proposed making ALT.NET Canada into a formal entity with a mandate to promote ALT.NET principles and practices within the Canadian .NET development community.  A discussion also got going about starting up an ALT.NET user group in Vancouver.  More on those to come later.

It was an exhausting week with both DevTeach and ALT.NET Canada, but well worth the lack of sleep.  Can’t wait to do it again soon!

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